Q-desk is web based computer software for an issue tracking that manages and maintains lists of issues, as needed by an organization. The authorized users have a common gateway to enter the site where they have to login with their respective credentials. Q-desk keeps your teams on Track, Increase developer Productivity and Contextualize feedback. The focus is on quick resolution of user problems, the sooner they are resolved the better it is.

Q-Desk is commonly used in an organization to create, update, and resolve reported customer issues, or even issues reported by internal employees. It keeps your team and clients updated with notifications on issue updates, resolution, or comments by providing real time visible updates on the tickets.

Q-desk offers

  • Ticket Generation – User can generate a ticket with a particular request type, subject. User can also assign the priority and severity for a ticket to show the agent how important and critical the ticket is.
  • Dynamic Admin Module – Q-desk provides a powerful role based CMS. You can manage everything from Admin panel. You can manage Request time, Response time, Request type, Priority etc. from the admin panel.
  • Reporting – It provides a powerful role based reporting. User can check all the tickets with request time, response time, SLA time etc.
  • SLA based time and resolution adherence –This measures the performance of a system. Certain goals are defined and the service level agreement gives the percentage to which those goals should be achieved.
  • Forwarding Tickets from one agent to another agent in case the agent is absent. It also provides admin the authority to forward ticket from one agent to another within the same project.
  • Automatic Skill based forwarding of tickets provides the facility to raise a ticket for a particular skill and assign the ticket to a particular agent with the same skill.

Q-Desk benefits

  • It is simple and user friendly because after years of trying to use advanced tools, we discovered that simplicity and the resulting participation were more valuable than any other set of features.
  • Low cost route into 24x7 support & management of mission critical applications
  • It also provides the extensive reporting system which helps user to view details report in a small view.
  • Reduction of personnel based risks such as holiday/sickness/leaving
  • Facility of per-project role based access control for users is provide, which puts you in control of your business so that security would persist in the system.
  • Allowing internal staff to focus on higher level tasks that add business value
  • Quicker problem rectification, less downtime, less costs and increased efficiency
  • On Demand access to a pool of skills that would be impossible to recruit