This solution is flexible extension which can be used with any inhouse or read-made ERP solution to provide data access to end customer. It helps your customer to track their data, see the progress of project, report incident or request for help and do online payment. This solution provides restricted access to underlying ERP and doesn't demand for additional license (incase you are running Named User based licensed ERP). The primary user of this solution is your end customer who has already purchased your product or services.

The key advantages of the solution

  • Provides access to required information from backend ERP to Customer without impacting ERP in secured manner
  • Customer can access Web portal from both Desktop and mobile
  • Customer can be informed through notification on login to keep them updated about key notice & project progress.
  • Downloading documents, online appointment booking and making online payments are some of the other distinctive features of this solution
  • In case of any issue or query, customer can simply raise a support ticket in order to get speedy resolution
  • Portal can be used for up selling new project or product to existing customer.
  • Portal will reduce the post-sales support cost for organization along with recorded evidence in compare to telephonic call.

Key differentiator of the solution

From technology point of view, solution has been designed on open source platform using industry leading framework. It's highly secured and scalable to meet any requirement. This solution can be integrated with any running ERP system without impacting the existing installation. If needed solution can be extended to include additional functionality or add integration to other system.

  • Based on leading framework using Opensource platform, hence it doesn't comes with additional license cost
  • ERP independent extension, this solution can be configured/customize to work with any inhouse or standard ERP
  • Can we extended to meet additional requirement and integrate with more system with minimal effort
  • Secure & Scalable solution which can cater high volume of user based if needed
  • Ready to use solution to give jumpstart to your business requirement and gain higher satisfaction from end customer.