The culture of Qspear is based on the foundation of Integrity, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship. We are committed to fostering an inclusive, collaborative culture where every voice is heard & where employees at every level can join forces to achieve our common goal. We at Qspear always believe in keeping our employee first. Our employee survey conducted in September 2016 revealed that

  • 96% of our employees are happy with their reporting manager
  • 70% of our employees rated Qspear more than 7 out of 10 on a happiness scale
  • 98.2% of our employees can happily advise their friend to apply for a job at Qspear

These results speak a lot about Qspear. Now let's hear from some of our talented folks:


Ramita Sachdeva

"Qspear is an organization which believes in its employees. It gives them an environment where they get complete freedom to shape and enhance their career and also contribute to achieve organizational goals. Personally speaking Qspear has given me various opportunities to excel myself in different roles whether it's Management skills, Client Handling or growing as a Functional Consultant. If you are a self driven person then Qspear is the place for you. There will be always opportunities to learn and grow in the organization, sky is the only limit."


Rajkumar Agarwal

"It feels great to be a part of the Qspear family because the environment has a judicious blend of work and fun. Every day has opened new challenges for me to learn, experiment and grow. Hard work and dedication never goes unnoticed here, translating directly to career growth and rewards. The work culture is the best one can get and kindles the entrepreneurial instinct among employees."


Bindu Dineshan

"Qspear is great to work for, as the atmosphere is very healthy, positive and relaxed.We have great environment, good young team of people with a shared value system.The best thing in Qspear is the Company really understands work-life balance. Qspear as a company contribute to making the world a better place.Working for Qspear feels like working with my family as I have the autonomy to do my job.My job is a great mix of interaction and independence.
I love it when I get to make a difference in my co-workers' life's."


Ankur Chauhan

"I have been associated with QSPEAR since 2014, and the journey so far has been exciting. Working here has helped my career progress way beyond my expectations, with challenges and clients that go beyond my current role. Your contribution to the organization is well recognized. I am enjoying the work culture and environment here. It allows its associates to contribute in every aspect of the company towards organization growth along with a great work culture. I am extremely delighted and proud to be a part of this growing organization."


Lalit Dhaliya

"Qspear is my first employer, it's been 13th month since, and I can totally say this with immense satisfaction that I am more than happy for being here. At Qspear, as a fresher you get many opportunities to learn and grow in your career. Qspear work in many Oracle Technologies and provides best consultancy solutions to its customers. You get to work on some challenging projects that enhance your knowledge by many folds. Office environment is so good that you will always feel excited when you leave home for office ( thanks to Pooja Mam :) ). Office colleagues are very nice, helpful and great mentors. Besides learning and growing in your career you might make some friends for life here."