It is a human resource management software required in every organization to communicate effectively and efficiently with the workforce. The ESS is an internal HR platform where employees can access HR-related information such as employee account, salary slips, policies,leaves, vehicle request,etc. This central source offers an efficient & cost-effective way for HR departments to disseminate information whether it's company policies, training topics, employee assistance programs, or activities and events.

It provides a convenient, secure and user-friendly environment in which employee can see his/her information like personal information, professional information, leaves details, pay slip, list of holidays, apply for reimbursement. User can also access company policies and HR policies.

Solution Offer

HRMS is having the capability to maintain single model database, capturing all personal and job related data of all employees. Including permanent employees on deputation. In line with the above, HRMS will include all functions covering

  • The user can see Personal Details, Professional Details, UAN Number, download Pay Slip, apply for Leave, apply for Vechile Request for official purposes, apply for Tour Request etc.
  • Allows interactive exchange of information 24 hours a day
  • Record tracking, through emails like to apply leave, it follows managerial flow Employee -> Manager -> Head of Department.
  • In leave management module, employees can apply for leave, check the status of pending leaves and can approve or reject the leaves applied by the reportee.
  • Attendance management by tracing employees attendance with puncting integration and can also check daily attendance of in time and out time
  • Reimbursement management by allowing employees to raise request for medical, travel and conveyance claims.
  • Employee Skill Matrix traces the skill of an employee and also the skill rating.

Differentiating elements of ESS Portal

  • The system has been integrated with SAP and ERP. Our approach is to get the data from SAP, ERP or any other HR Management System and keep it in the application database.
  • We provided a propriety work interface to end client integrating Data Security, and Web Security by using Java technology.
  • Using the Managerial hierarchy, to automate the Leaves/Tours approval process for the employees.
  • Attendance management integrated with punching cards.
  • Wherever workflow is applicable and an auto mail will get generated at each step to keep track of the workflow.
  • The proposed solution is web based architecture wherein the application will reside on webserver and will be delivered to users through web browsers for which the application clients shall be supported on the latest version of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome.