Today, there is a need to adopt leading Global CRM practices. For quick ROI, organizations need to have fast deployment of leading CRM solutions. Fusion Customer Relationship Management is a modular suite of CRM components designed to work as a complete sales solution or as modular extensions to your existing CRM applications portfolio. Qspear Consultancy Services is a certified implementation partner of Oracle Sales Cloud. We have strong domain knowledge, a team of skilled and certified Sales Cloud consultants with a proven track record of successful Sales Cloud implementations. We deploy fast track methodology, proven tools and techniques that ensure successful deployment of the solution in the given timeline and budget.

CRM Modules Offered

Sales & Marketing

  • Integrated Sales and Marketing analytics.
  • 360-degree view of customers from within a transactional system.

Incentive Compensation

  • Sales performance dashboards.
  • Integration web services, file based import/export and ETL capabilities.

Quota Management

  • Set accurate Quotas using Data Driven Intelligence.
  • Quota Assignment notification to compensation planning.
  • Midyear sales resource change, effective dated/ Pro-rated quotas

Sales Forecasting

  • Select customers and product attributes for building predictive models.
  • Retrain models as the underlying data changes thus improving the accuracy of prediction.

Territory Management

  • Preview results of sales account, lead and opportunity assignments.
  • Real time territory metrics and embedded analytics to assess effectiveness of territories.

Customer Management

  • Flexible duplicate resolution mechanisms and comprehensive history.
  • What-If analysis in data management

Key Benefits Offered

  • The implementation improves productivity and reduced maintenance efforts and costs.
  • Fingertip access to real-time information through Dashboards with drill down facility.
  • Sales Pipe line management has become more robust and effective.
  • Higher customer retention ratio through quick and effective customer service.
  • Manage data in the cloud and control who has access to view and contribute specific.
  • Use actionable data from sales, marketing as well as customer service metrics to under cover hidden revenue.