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Qspear Turned FOUR !!

FDQspear Consultancy Services has recently completed four years of delivering value on 21st August 2016. Our 4th Annual Foundation Day was marked with grand celebrations on 26th August 2016 at Stellar Gymkhana, Greater Noida. The number of faces in the hall, itself spoke how big we have grown. The function began with the presentation of findings of  the anonymous employee survey by Mr. Tumul Maheshwari(CEO). Some of the insights of the survey were:

  • 96%of our employees are happy with their reporting manager.
  • 98.2 % of our employees will advise their friends to work in Qspear
  • More than 70% of our employees believes that we have open working environment.

Mr. Maheshwari quoted “Opportunities that you get in a younger companies are many as you get to learn different technologies, you can voice your opinion & I believe in giving people what they are good at. Our attempt here is to give you what you love to do. We are here to keep you all happy.” And it was apparent in our survey as 70% of our employees are overall satisfied with their job. But we are still not happy as our aim is to make it 100%.

After the key note & highlight presentation by the CEO, we had a intresting round in which we gave very innovative, apt & qualitative titles to each of our employee. All we could see were happy & smiling faces and loud laughter from the enthusiastic crowd.

It’s rightly said “Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person- not just an employee- are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees means satisfied customers, which leads to profitability & agility”.Our CEO also stated that a person can do the same work in 6 hours what a normal person can do in 12 hours, if he has a happy mind.We believe in appreciating our employees & therefore we also had an Award distribution ceremony as a token of appreciation for the employees for their extra ordinary contribution in the organization.

The last act was performance round by all the talented stars of Qspear where everyone tried their best to contribute whether by singing, dancing or acting. We had beautiful voices of Qspear- Haroon, Arpita, Rishabh & Lalit to enlighten the evening. The stage was put on fire by great dancing performances. And a beautiful skit “beti bachao  beti padhao” was presented which had put light on the hardships of a woman’s life. They showed us how our society will look like if the positions of a man & woman are replaced in a humorous way. Though participation of the employees was the main motto of this part of the act however, we also gave away two best performance award to encourage the participants for the hard-work &  efforts which they had put in.

Cherry on cake was done by the DJ who ensured that all the foot tapping numbers are captivating enough for the employees to leave their seats & join the dance Floor.

Below are the touching experiences in words of few employees who had a great time during the event:
Lalit Dhaliya -“Foundation Day was one of the best day of this year. Getting title tags from Pooja Mam made us remember our college days. Receiving "Promising Young Talent" award from Tumul Sir was a proud and happy moment for me. Hidden talents of QCS employees came out when they performed on the stage. All programs were great and we enjoyed a lot. A very big thanks to HR Team for organizing such a amazing event.”

Arpita Nayak- “This year we have completed our 4 yrs and it was celebrated in a grand way this time.The cultural events also added a different flavor to it which we all enjoyed a lot.The event was successful only because of our excellent dedication and hard work.Probably it was my best Party in Qspear. The enthusiasm, excitement, ambience was like we were preparing for a wedding day, so that's why I couldn’t stop myself from taking part in every possible event :P:D Anyways after a hectic preparation we all made it successful together and indeed, it was a great foundation day. So cheers for QSPEAR!!!!”

So all in all it was a great & memorable evening which was full of surprises. Happy & Content faces of our employees says it all. We have just begun & we still have miles to go.

With every coming year we promise you that everyone will see Qspear grow & touch new milestones of success.

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