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4th Annual Foundation Day 2016

Aug, 2016

Qspear Consultancy Services has recently completed four years of delivering value on 21st August 201


Qspear Partners With KRONOS India

Apr, 2015

Qspear partners with KRONOS India to provide workforce management automation in India



I would like to sincerely appreciate your contributions towards the IFFCO Intranet project. You have been extremely resourceful handling various activities across testing, coordination, go-live preparation, and go-live support. Your presence was a great source of support for Zafar and I. Thanks for your efforts so far and look forward to your continued support

Head IS - Customer Centricity & Human Capital, IFFICO Dubai

We were very happy with the Qspear team on the project, and the partnership forged with Qspear Consulting Services overall. For Oracle FMW development & integration Services, Qspear would be our top choice and we are looking forward to work together for future projects.


Congratulations on the successful implementation work done for the Fusion CRM implementation phase 1. The hard work done by the team is highly appreciated and we would like to recommend you for future CRM implementations.

Leading Manufacturing Firm - India

Congratulations on the successful implementation work done for the Multi Time Zone functionality on the Multi Organizational Structure and physical server. We could not do it internally and neither could many of the bigger consulting firms. Even many rounds of escalations and technical assistance requests with Oracle could not give results. It is an achievement which Qspear as an organization should be proud of.

Leading Packaging Firm - India

We are very happy to have Qspear as a partner for our Fusion Middleware technology stack management, upgrade and support. Qspear team is fully involved in 24x7 proactive support of our Fusion Middleware environment, upgrade of the environment and new process deployment on BPM. With this experience we are confident of extending our development work for our future processes to Qspear team.

Technology Manager Of Leading Travel Planner Firm - Make My Trip

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